We are the best candidates because..

We are avid travelers having traveled to various parts of the globe and also in India. I love to drive and Vidya loves to accompany me. In fact our love happened on the wheels. When we used to travel between Mumbai and Pune over weekends. So that's one story that we like to share with all. I recollect I was just 10 when I first tried my hand at driving., not to mention I banged my dad's new fiat. :) However I moved on from then and have driven nearly everything from an Ambassador to a Lexus honing my driving skills. The best story about my driving is defeating a VW Passat with M800 on the expressway - true to my belief that its the driver who wins the race and not the car ! We have both learnt that life is too short to live and every moment needs to be enjoyed rather than saving the best perfume for tomorrow. With this in mind we are sure that our journey would be the most exciting and full of life not just on day1 but also on all days. As we have recently got married and have lots of energy and enthusiasm to make our journey enthralling and entertaining for all. So to say the least - WE ARE THE BEST !