If you need a touch of glamour and excitement in your life, all you require is a Citizen AT4004-52E strapped to your wrist. This a watch that has fashion conscious people raving over its exotic features and looks. Ask any fashionista what lies in the essence of fashion, and he will tell you it is looks and character.You will find it in abundance in this Citizen watch.

Its radio controlled, giving you accurate time keeping in as many as five different time zones in the world. You can safely dive into a swimming pool or take a shower without worrying, as this masterpiece can resist water up to 118 feet.

The solid crystal dial focuses the rays of the sun, and generates solar power to power the watch day and night. This means there is no need to worry about changing batteries frequently. The elegant black and gold finish, and stainless steel heavy bracelets raise the standards of fashion and style like nothing else.