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The Casio Ga-100 Can Withstand the Test of Time

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The Casio ga-100 looks like a watch that can outlast the rest of them. It doesn’t just give that appearance, it actually delivers the results. Its large size gives it an edge in holding up to rough situations. The control buttons on it are designed to be easily used when you’re on-the-go. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a watch of this calibre. It has five alarms, works as a stopwatch, has world time capacity, and is water resistant to 200 metres. It’s also easy to see the time display at a quick glance. It offers both a digital and analogue display, so there’s no need to give it a second look. The best part of this watch is its shock resistance. Day-to-day jostling is no problem for this piece of equipment. Due to its popularity, this model sells quickly this time of year. So if you’re considering it as a Christmas gift, now is the time to get one.

The Beauty of Debeers Engagement Rings

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nargle calendarioIf you are planning to propose to the woman of your dreams, looking into the wide variety of Debeers engagement rings is the best way to find the perfect ring that will help you seal the deal. Debeers diamonds are very popular with women and diamond collectors worldwide because they have outstanding marks when it comes to the 4C’s of diamonds. There is nothing that would make a woman feel that she is being swept off her feet and make her want to say “Yes!” than the moment when she is presented with a diamond engagement ring. There are many collections of Debeers engagement rings that you can choose from. The De Beers Arpeggia Collection is a variety of diamond jewellery sets that come with earrings, bracelets and necklaces that perfectly compliment the diamond engagement ring. The theme of this collection leans towards the musical harmony of love that is shared between a couple; a perfect selection for lover who integrate music as part of their love story.

Watch Winders Are Very Necessary

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For watch collectors, it is said that it is a necessity to have an automatic watch winder to keep the watches at their best running condition all the time. Since watch collectors will not be able to wear all their watches at the same time, it is then essential for them to strap the watches they are not using to a winder. It is not necessary to have a winder if you are not bothered by manually resetting your time and day everytime it stops because it has not been worn on your wrist for an extended period of time. Watch winders are also very expensive as it caters to luxury watch collectors which is a very small and a limited niche. Her’s a silly idea that can help you get away with buying a winder : Wear two watches – one on each wrist. This will be a conversation piece so imagine how many new friends you will be getting by being hip.

Which Rings Are the Best Options for Your Engagement?

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Being engaged is a serious step towards commitment. A small part of that commitment starts from choosing the perfect engagement ring. Before you get confused as to what pave engagement rings signify compared to other options, you may want to learn about the other options available to you. Gemstones meant for engagement rings are not only confined to white diamonds or just diamonds per se. You can add more meaning to an engagement ring with the particular type of gemstone you pick. You can either opt for the birthstone of bride-to-be or choose a gemstone with deeper symbolism.

Once you have picked out a gemstone, thinking about solitaire engagement rings is still far off. You have to pick the perfect metal to match the stone. White metals, like platinum, silver or white gold, go well with black diamonds. White diamonds are also extra brilliant with white metals. Other stones are not that glamorous unless set in gold. Then again, you may want to set your budget first before making a decision.

If, however, you decide to stick with diamonds as the stone of choice for your engagement ring, then the next thing to decide on is the cut of the diamond. The shape of the wearer’s fingers plays a big role in deciding the shape or cut of the main stone. Short fingers need elongated shapes to lengthen the appearance. Cuts such as the emerald, marquise, oval and to some point the pear are great choices. A playful persona is mirrored in the heart-shaped cut, the asscher and radiant. Classical cuts include the round and cushion. The most popular among all the cuts or shapes is the princess which is essentially a square.

After ascertaining the cut, you may now decide on the setting of the stones. The most common settings are solitaire, pave, three-stone, split shank and the antique. What makes solitaire engagement rings popular is its classic feel and simple beauty. The main stone is attached to the ring by several prongs. You can choose to have just four prongs that maximize the amount of visible stone or you can opt for a more secure setting with six prongs. The solitaire setting is also the most economical. A more extravagant setting is the three-stone which involves having two smaller sized stones sit on each side of the main gemstone.

Probably the most extravagant of settings belong to pave engagement rings, which involve additional choices. Pave setting involves a number of small diamonds set in a line that goes along the band of the ring. It gives the illusion or look that the ring is made up of diamonds strung together instead of sitting on a metal ring. The half pave involves diamonds set along the upper half of the ring and is a more popular choice for being cheaper for the buyer and more comfortable to wear. The full pave involves diamonds being set throughout the whole circumference of the ring. The sight of shimmering diamonds even in the side of open palms is a delightful surprise but quite a discomfort when the gemstones rub against the sides of the fingers. Clearly, your budget plays a very important role in every step of the way when choosing the right engagement ring.

Finally, Something He'll Like

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Dad is the worst person to shop for, bless him. It’s just that he’ll insist up and down that he doesn’t need anything, and “you kids should save your money”. Well Dad deserves a gift at least once a year on his birthday, because he’s forbidden us to buy him more at Christmas than food pressies. Mum said he desperately needs a new watch; the pair of us kids started searching for something classic, and high quality that will last him for many years. We wanted something that we knew he would like, without too many “bells and whistles”. Well thank goodness, we found the perfect thing. At First Class Watches, the dreyfuss & co Gents Dreyfuss 1926 watch has Roman numerals, a bold, yet simple face, and a classic dark leather strap. Very traditional, just like Dad, and will last him the rest of his life. All of this for well under 500 GBP and with free delivery.

Why Womens Gold Chains Matter

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Women’s gold chains are very available in the market today. In addition to some chains worn around the neck, others are worn around the forehead, waist, wrists and ankles. Some can be adorned with different charms as well as precious stones to add character. The karat ratings of these chains matter as well. Pure gold chains have 24K and those combined with other cheaper metals to make alloys will have lower carat ratings.

Because gold is a very precious and expensive metal, it is recommended to keep it cleaned regularly. One way to keep it chains cleaned is to develop a habit of taking it off as you get home. Store it in a place where has no moisture. You can also have it cleaned by a jewelry shopper or clean it yourself with detergent soap and warm water.

Gold chains can be used for many spiritual purposes, for corporate look enhancement or bridal accessories. No matter what purpose your gold chain serves you, it always brings you the elegance and grace.

Watches from Beginning to Now

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Watches have been around for quite a while, and their progress is amazing to me. I studied the history of watches a little bit and I have found out a number of interesting things. The first watches that were invented needed the sun light and a certain positioning in order to work. After the modern style watches where invented, few people had access to them, in many cities and villages the church rang the bell from hour to hour to let the citizens know what time it is, watches were a rarity back then. Later they became portable and men used to wear pocket watches with a chain attached to them. Now watches are attached to a bracelet and are accessible to anyone, there are many types of watches too: from military watches to aviator watches and many more styles to fit every need and every outfit there is. Watches today are available at many stores in many shapes and colors, their price varies so they can be bought by anyone.

Diamond Industry Market Outlook

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With summer hitting mid stream many diamond and jewelry retailers are gearing up to the big holiday season. In the diamond industry it is well known that retailers make about 80% of their annual revenue during the few short months between October and December. In order to have enough inventory in place many retailers actually do their purchasing well in advance. By the beginning of September the industry can already get a sense of how big the shopping season will be.

This year experts are predicting that diamond sales will be much higher then the last two years. Inventory of certain diamond color is already hard to come by and driving prices up. Surveys of the top retail and online outlets are predicting a rise in prices of anywhere between 10% and 15% compared to last year.

The most difficult stones to find this year seem to be large round diamonds of over 1.5 carat and diamond color of G and H.

Use Information on Cartilage Earrings

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Cartilage earrings are fashionable, and change the look of whoever puts them on. However, people go for them sometimes without taking out some time to check how healthy putting on a cartilage earring can be.

There are quite a number of things you must consider when going for a cartilage earring, and there are some things you can do, if you get unhealthy as a result of a cartilage earring.

Apart from itches, cartilage earrings can cause infections if the material used in fabricating the earring does not suit your body. It is recommended that you take extra care of your ear after piercing the cartilage to put an earring. Taking out time to wash and properly clean the ear would be of great importance.

Your ear is a delicate part of your body and the best thing you can do is take proper care of it. It is better to rely on your natural beauty than to hurt yourself piercing your cartilage and then ending up with an infection where even the earring will not serve a purpose.

How to Choose Unusual Bespoke Engagement Rings

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If you have reached the plateau of proposing to a very special lady, a standard engagement ring purchased from even the highest quality jewelry store may not be enough to make the cut. You need to have something extraordinary to wow your soon to be fianc. So you need to choose from the very best unusual bespoke engagement rings. You definitely cannot give her a ring that you simply chose from case of rings in a store.

Instead, you want to present herwith knowledge of knowing that you took the time and effort know that you put time and effort to have something specially designed and created to compliment the beauty within and out that you have come to adore and love. However, like most people, you are not too clued up at to what actually goes on in creating a custom engagement ring. Here are some tips to get you started.

A custom engagement ring design,gives you the benfit of choosing every aspect of the ring. Meaning that from start to finish you determine the nature of the material l(whether its white or yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, or palladium). You are also able to have your say in the design of the ring. You choose the size, cut and colour of the accent stones. The choice should be made with advice from your jeweller, who will guide you in the best designs to accentuate the beauty of the piece being created. And ultimately the central point of your piece, the cut and size of your diamond, which is the most important component of unusual bespoke engagement ring. Just bear these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to bringing your vision to life. This can be done, where price is not an option.