Treadmills can be used by anyone at any age. Even children can use a treadmill, although a treadmill may not be recommended for young children.

For example, very small children do not require to use a treadmill. Only when they cross 10 or so will some need to get some exercise because that is when obesity will start to show.

Even then using a treadmill may not be the best thing to do because small children need to play. Play not only builds the bones and makes muscles stronger, it also helps children learn to take the rough with the smooth. They will learn to accept defeat and continue to play with the object of winning the next time.

Although not recommended sometimes there may not be any choice and you may need to get your child a treadmill. Usually children will not have any joint problems which mean that the top of the line treadmills like the sole s77 may not be needed for them.

A good low cost treadmill may be all that is required. But you may also have to use the treadmill if only to motivate your kid, so get one that you can use comfortably too.