Visiting a friend one day, I was immediately attracted to her newly decorated kitchen. She was very proud of what she had done with it. She told me that she had been planning to renovate for a couple of months now, but because she was up to her neck with work, she just couldn’t find the time. She finally got her much needed break and immediately got to work, buying brand new kitchen accessories and installing new kitchen doors as well. I especially like the color scheme of her kitchen. She decided to have it in oranges and yellows, making it look as cheerful as can be. She had also added a few potted plants on the window sill and I found the whole look simply adorable. She told me that her next project was her bedroom but it would have to wait for another couple of months again. I think she is actually a very good designer and wondered why she never got into the business of interior decoration. I bet she would be excellent at it.