PEP Boys is known for its numerous years of car manufacturing and car services in the whole of United States. Today, it is known for more than that as it introduces its latest item – PEP Boys Go karts. PEP Boys go carts are known for its brand name, Baja. Most of their go carts are sold and manufactured in China, with US teams from Pep Boys on the area to see to it that quality and performance standards are met at all times. Due to China’s low labor cost coupled with efficient pep Boys men, Baja go karts are not only durable and superior in quality but also affordable as compared to other brands of go karts. Some of its go karts, which are built for the off-road enthusiast, are two-seaters powered with 150cc four-cycle electric start engine. Moreover, it consists of front and rear brakes for immediate stopping capabilities. Fun and excitement are not the only fruits that you can reap when investing one of Pep Boys Go carts, but also incredible budget and experience.