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Durable PVC Windows

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Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC is the 3rd most used plastic. It is mostly used in constructions because of its durability, and low cost. Today, most window frames are made with PVC.

Some of the benefits of pvc windows are toughness, combustion resistance, low maintenance, no corrosion, water tightness, good insulation etc.

PVC frames come in different colors and are faster to install. Exterior finish is elegant and is resistant to bending or heating. The windows are stylish to look at. Due to the many benefits, many homeowners are deciding to change their windows to PVC.

Due to the many health concerns of plastics, new research studies and technologies in the bio-material field are well funded. These days, keeping environment in mind, many PVC manufacturers are providing bio-durable PVC manufactured from organic substances like proteins and starches. These type of bio-degradable windows are not only healthy to the environment, but also healthy to the residents inside.