Cuisinart is a household name and their kitchen appliances help you make foods just like you get at the restaurants. Cuisinart ICE30 is an automatic counter-top or table-top ice-cream maker. The machine has a double insulated bowl that you have to pre-freeze for up to eight hours before you start using the appliance for making any frozen dessert. This means you can leave the insulated bowl in the refrigerator overnight, so the coolant that is filled between the two bowls freezes. The Cuisinart ICE30 has a motor that rotates a paddle inside the bowl and when you make ice-cream, the paddle churns the ingredients. This process aerates and freezes the mixture at the same time and forming a soft creamy textured ice-cream from the ingredients.

You can add various flavours and several different ingredients to make not just ice creams but frozen yogurt, sorbets, smoothies and iced drinks too. The sleek and attractive kitchen appliance makes your ice-creams in 20 to 30 minutes.