Kindle E-book reading devices are one of the most popular new gadgets that are in today. This really amazing item can allow the user to download up to 3,500 book titles where they can read with the black and gray display made by E-ink. This gadget has been a really big hit to those people who are living really active lifestyles but still enjoy reading their favorite books in their spare time.

There had been a lot of rumors now that Amazon, which is the manufacturer of Kindle, is already developing a Color Kindle that they would be releasing in the market this year. This has made a lot of avid Kindle users really excited since a color display could add a lot of fun to their E-book reading experience. With a colored display, Kindle users would already get to enjoy looking at photos on their new Kindles in full color, a feature that they have been dreaming of for a very long time. Some experts are saying that the Color Kindle would already be released in the last quarter of this year, just in time when everybody is shopping for Christmas gifts.