A common question that comes up is whether or not MMA rash guards can be used for purposes other than, well, MMA. The answer, to put it simply, is yes. For the most part, MMA rash guards are made from higher quality materials than their counter parts, like swim shirts and surfing rash guards. This is because they need to be able to take constant wear against a gear or mats without failing. The only thing to be concerned about when using an MMA rash guard over another type is that they are usually thicker, which could have some effect on thermoregulation, whether good or bad.

Another issue that might arise from using an MMA rash guard in place of a swim shirt is that most do not offer UV protection. Most swim shirts offer protection against ultraviolet rays to help protect against sunburn and cancer. Since MMA rash guards are meant to be used inside, they do not offer the same protection. That said, all-in-all, MMA rash guards are probably the most versatile of the rash guards and can be used for any number of scenarios.