If you have reached the plateau of proposing to a very special lady, a standard engagement ring purchased from even the highest quality jewelry store may not be enough to make the cut. You need to have something extraordinary to wow your soon to be fianc. So you need to choose from the very best unusual bespoke engagement rings. You definitely cannot give her a ring that you simply chose from case of rings in a store.

Instead, you want to present herwith knowledge of knowing that you took the time and effort know that you put time and effort to have something specially designed and created to compliment the beauty within and out that you have come to adore and love. However, like most people, you are not too clued up at to what actually goes on in creating a custom engagement ring. Here are some tips to get you started.

A custom engagement ring design,gives you the benfit of choosing every aspect of the ring. Meaning that from start to finish you determine the nature of the material l(whether its white or yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, or palladium). You are also able to have your say in the design of the ring. You choose the size, cut and colour of the accent stones. The choice should be made with advice from your jeweller, who will guide you in the best designs to accentuate the beauty of the piece being created. And ultimately the central point of your piece, the cut and size of your diamond, which is the most important component of unusual bespoke engagement ring. Just bear these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to bringing your vision to life. This can be done, where price is not an option.