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You can buy welding helmet to protect yourself from the flying sparks during welding. The stainless steel strips you buy must meet the purpose you have in mind. You can check the description page to see if it is the right type of equipment you need for your welding activity. If you are not sure whether the welding product is what you need, you can ask the welding store customer representative. If you want to buy the welding supplies in large volume, you can get a quote from the online welding supplies store. You can use the online quote request form to request a quote for the welding supplies store or you can call their customer service representative and ask for an accurate quote. Some online welding supplies stores will require you to send an email to the customer service email address to enquire about the volume pricing. You can request quotes from multiple online welding supplies stores in order to compare the prices efficiently. Price should not be of your first concern but the quality of the welding supplies should be of your first concern.