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04:25 AM
05 August 2009
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Posted By Amit Singh
LIGHTS: Our assignment on Day 2 of the auditions is to travel for 180 minutes into the city in the ravishing Cedia. The task was to click pictures, make videos & give you a feel of the dream city.
CAMERAS: As we roam about the streets of Bombay, of course showing off a hard earned trip, we know this is a city we call home & yet it has many unexplored rooms for us. Andheri: THE TINSEL TOWN OF MUMBAI, A place were most producers reside, a few film stars a whole lot of budding artists with countless T.V. artists. Also there are hundreds of small workshops, where the most happening works for all these are done. We cover a designer duo here.
Juhu: A poor man’s haven & a rich man’s neighbourhood.
Bandra dubbed "Queen of the Suburbs": The area is eclectic, visually inspiring and home to high-end boutiques also an abode of roadside clothes shoes & bags. There’s something for everybody here. Bandra is a great place to start your shopping jaunt. It is the hub of the youth, it has the hippest joints to the cheapest jaunts. More than many hangouts, be it sipping coffee or smoking hookah, catching up over a sport with beer or just talking automobiles over drinks. They are all here.
ACTION: So here is our blog that is celebrating the unbreakable spirit if Bombay.

The mumbaiya term for anything outstanding, remarkable & superb. It can be used anywhere comfortably replacing the English ‘WOW”.
CEDIA: Our first drive out in cedia, the drive was smooth. Must say it is a remarkable vehicle. Also as we went around we couldn’t stop being noticed. People looked at the car with awe, it explained pretty much that in everey mumbaikars’ eyes the car’s simply Jhakaas.

BANDRA FASHION BOUTIQUES: when it comes to fashion nothing beats Bandra, this queen of suburbs pulls enough townies to see whats up. Its is a shopper’s paradise you can buy anything ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Bandra boutiques offer the latest of the fashion trends and are often in sync with the trend forecast. Though most of them get products from Bangkok to sell, each has its own forte. They do such a wonderful job at dressing up. We say Jhakaas! Amazing accessories, latest clothes, funkiest shoes & sexy bags. Any woman can have a makeover here.

TOTO’s: The little garage pub barely has any capacity yet gets crowded every evening. Its for the automobile lovers. The insides are pretty much parts of old car & bike parts. They play great music & have lasted a lot of competition. This place is truly Jhakaas.

and, Jhakas in its own way;

A Mumbai word for carefree, the free-spirited, the one’s who don’t much bother. The true chasers of their dreams. These are our bindaas mumbaikars.
SHROYUKEN TATTOOS: Kevin a young entrepreneur and artist owns this little tattoo studio. He comes from an advertising background having worked in Dubai & O&M, India’s largest advertising company. Kevin retired from it to chase his dreams, doing what he always wanted to do. Today he owns two studios one in Andheri, Lokhandwala & the other in Bandra. While the third one is opening in town. Kevin is known for the fineness of his work.

Rajesh & Anirban: Another story of chasing the dream, these gentleman have left back great paying jobs to start something which is their own baby, their brand RA. They are retailing their designs from the most top end stores of India, have been a part of the Femina miss India collections, have been a part of the Lakme fashion week & are the first Indian designers to have showcased their designs in the Malaysian Fashion Week. They are exporting their products to countries like Dubai & are sure there’s a lot more coming their way.

The kitsch, the loud, the funky.
The Dudes with the piercing, tattoos & weird hairstyles are often branded dinchak.

Our roadside shopping which is usually bright colourful & cheap. Is more often than not dhinchak.

The funky flip colored flipflops are quite dinchak.

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