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The journey thus far

Posted By maya
20th July 2009
We made it to 100!!
Wishful thinking is calorie free and costs nothing so I’m going to indulge myself in wondering if we'll be one of the twelve to make it to the next round of The Great Driving Challenge.
In the mean time life goes on - laundry to be done, meals to be prepared, documents to be scanned….. tons of documents to be scanned.

22nd July 2009
Solar eclipse of the century and you get no guesses to guess which ‘event’ is eclipsing our lives. 72 hours of living on the edge is going to drive us both round the bend.

23rd July 2009
Open multiple windows on laptop and flit from blog to twitter to facebook every couple of minutes. Bet 198 other people on the subcontinent were the same. Give up the sham of getting done, the million things which need my attention and settle down with a cuppa to refresh the home page of The Great Driving Challenge, rather obsessively I might add.
2 minutes to noon - the power goes off and with it my internet connection. Mad scramble to turn on the back-up power supply and its probably the longest 5 minutes of my life to regain connectivity and navigate the mind sweeper puzzle.
We made it to the next round. Yipeeee!!! One of Twelve. How about that?
Unbelievable, totally awesome. Needless to say the rest of the day would register as the least productive this month and I just couldn’t stop smiling.
Thank-you everyone who was a part of this effort. Ramesh and I hope you’ll follow us on the road ahead. Keep in touch. Ciao.

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26 July 2009

All the best Maya and Ramesh !!

....My wishes are with you even if i don’t follow you ........Bring in your Mayajaal !! .......this is the time to Mesmerise every one !!

Have a great sunday !


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27 July 2009

Thanks for dropping by our blog to say hello Dr.KS Anand.
Would appreciate your travel tips for the journey ahead.

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27 July 2009

hey maya maam!
its awesome to see u here after soo long…dat colage made me sure it was u smile
wish u all the best and im sure u will crack dis smile
all the support with you….

best of luck

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