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Koyna Nagar: Lake in the woods

Posted By thecouple

A road trip that featured kissing the beaches, climbing the hills, and hugging the clouds! A 4-day trip with spur-of-the-moment detours, hunting for a place to stay, warm hosts in village home stays and much more…

Koyna forests have always held our fascination ever since we trekked there for 3 days in 2006. One of our fascinating road trips also was to this place bestowed with wild beauty. Koyna Nagar lies at about 400 km from Mumbai, via Chiplun.

As we set out from Mumbai, we plan to spend the night at Chiplun. On the way, plans go with the wind and we veer off Mumbai-Goa highway to Khed and Dapoli. Drive through the coastal roads ends up in Harnai, a fishing village.

Fishing vessels lined up in the sea offer quite a view.

More winding roads take us to Dhabol. Yes, the place of infamous Enron-owned Dhabol power plant (presently Ratnagiri Gas and Power). The Dapoli-Dhabol road breaks at a jetty; a boat ferries vehicles to the other bank, from where the road continues to Guhagar.

By late evening we end up in Guhagar, a beach village. Hunting for a place to stay turns out to be an adventure. At the end of it, a local family agrees to take us in for a small charge. A memorable experience!

Sound sleep and an early morning dip in the sea refresh us and we hit the road. More unplanned stopovers and deviations spice up the journey.


Guhagar quenches our thirst for beaches. We climb up the Koyna Hills to hug the clouds.

Koyna Nagar is a lovely combination of forests and a sprawling lake.

Early morning, brave the December chill, drive up to the highest point possible and watch the mesmerizing sunrise.

Admire the Koyna Dam, which seems to be spewing snow into the lake from its shutters. It melts in front of you as the sun rises. The dam was under threat during the 2005 floods.

Lazily drive along; pull over and listen to the sound of nature; walk up the many pathways into the forests – options galore.

Leave Koyna saturated with the tranquility and wilderness.

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26 July 2009

Dear Unny & Bindhu

No Day Dreaming here !! ...get on with reality !!
Either Cook or Construct your designer Dream !!
This is number one item on your Menu list !

...even if i don’t follow you .... never mind .....but i shall be clapping for you too !!
Best of luck !!



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27 July 2009

Dear Unny & Bindhu,

Your writeup on Guhaghar brought back memories of my tryst with that place back in 2001-2002. I used to be there at Guhaghar in relation to my work at the Enron plant at Dabhol every few months.The beach at that time was relatively unknown as it was not marketed as a tourist destination,and only travellers like you with a passion for travelling could have found it.
I remember the foreigners working at the project come down to Guhaghar town on their cycling treks on Sunday mornings as a way to unwind themselves. 

Your zeal as that of others in the Nature Knights club only reassures us ordinary mortals that though Columbus, MarcoPolo, Magellan are all long dead their spirit of adventurism lives on through all of you.

As far as cleaning cars are concerned,leave it to the Gods to take care of that chore.



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27 July 2009

Nice post !!
Early morning & Koyna Dam Pic are super !!!

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27 July 2009

Superb photos.  felt like I too came with you

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28 July 2009

Beautiful photos. And reads like a great trip.

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