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Stories by travellers and those travel books!

Posted By shilpy

Every time I visit a bookstore or I am in my neighbourhood library, I tend to gravitate towards the travel section. There is something about the travel books, which has always fascinated me. Maybe it’s because I believe that if one is unable to travel, then the next best thing to do is to read travel books, as it will take you to places that you have never been to before or give you a completely different perspective of a place that you may have visited many times. You can be right there sinking your feet in the sandy, unexplored beaches of Diu, or sitting atop an elephant on a safari watching a tiger making a kill, or you could be sipping a hot cup of ‘cutting masala chai’ in the by lanes of Mumbai.

Lately I have been reading a very interesting book called ‘Travelers’ Tales – India’, which is a compilation of true stories told by travellers. I love reading about these true tales as the words create a distinct image in my mind, and I relive their experiences without actually having experienced it.  As soon as I read the preface of this book, I related it to the 3000km journey that lies ahead of the final three who make it. And here I quote verbatim from the Travelers’ Tales – “We are all outsiders when we travel. Whether we go abroad or roam about our own country, we often enter territory so unfamiliar that our frames of reference become inadequate. We need advice not just to avoid offense and danger, but to make our experiences richer, deeper and more fun.”

All copyright for the “Travelers’ Tales is property of the authors of the book.

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