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08:33 PM
01 August 2009
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In Quest of Biryani

Posted By ramesh

We decided to do some research into the route we’ve chosen for the Biryani Quest.

Friends and colleagues have been recommending restaurants to us. In Mumbai and Pune we are spoilt for choice. Hotel Punjab which is opened 24 hours in the highway near Panvel sounds promising, in Belgaum we have a choice of 3 establishments and in Hyderabad of course is the Grand Kakatiya and Paradise.But for places like Zahirabad, Nizamabad and Aurangabad the names suggest that we will get lucky but we have no recommendations at this point and will simply have to follow our noses. We need recommendations of good eating joints ,accomodation, road conditions and anything else that we simply must see.

Any recommendations for Amboli,Sawantwadi, Goa, Dharwad, Bagalkot, Bijapur, Gulbarga, Nanded, Burhanpur, Khandwa, Indore, Surat, Navsari and the three names mentioned earlier will be appreciated.

I am sure all of you will have a laundry list but we would like to remind you to check if this is part of your list.

Automobile Association of India membership card, card of the various clubs that you are a member of to manage your stay where they may have affiliations and Medical Insurance card.

Looking forward to meeting the other 11 couples tomorrow.


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