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12:11 AM
01 August 2009
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Thinking out of the Box

Posted By maya

I’ve been doing some thinking and come to the conclusion that an enjoyable ten day trip whichhas strict deadlines and deliverables requires you to think on your feet, think out of the box and adapt.

But at what cost? especially to the environment.

We are environmentally concious folk - we’ve been separating our garbage for close to ten years, we’ve changed to CFL bulbs and the community we live in is doing its bit by being the change they want to see - there’s rain water harvesting in the buildings, we turned off our lights for an hour for Earth Hour and there are special bins to dispose off your e-waste and empty tetra packs

But we need to take this philisophy with us on the road for ten days. Our carbon footprint will be large no doubt so here’s what we’ve decided to do should we make the ten day trip. Dispose garbage responsibly, buy local and see how well we can practise the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle.
With the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra in mind I’ve started a little project of my own. I’ll give you a peek

Ok, its a fabric book. The pages are unbleached cotton from laundry bags, the shiny flex packaging of Baggry’s museli and thread from my stash.

I simply had to include this You tube video. Isn’t it awesome, inspirational stuff.

Read more about reverse grafitti here

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