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05:36 PM
30 July 2009
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Southern Motors

Posted By ramesh

My commute to work is routed via St. Mark’s Road where Southern Motors is located and I stopped off one morning this week to check out the Cedia Sport.

The colonnaded Southern Motors building is one of the few old colonial style buildings which still grace St. Mark’s road.

Frank’s your man when it comes to buying a Mitsubishi vehicle.

That’s Frank on the left and yours truly on the right.

Two aspects of the car were of interest to me - cable to connect to an ipod and the GPS.


That’s Maya’s ipod, I have its older brother which will connect with the same cable. There’s a cable to charge your laptop on the go too, so you’re totally wired with the Cedia Sport.Nice black leather seats with stylish red detailing makes your ride comfortable.

I was curious to know if the voice on the GPS system was female like in the United States. Frank was a bit puzzled.Maya explained that GPS is essentially for men who refuse to ask for directions and there’s probably innumerable studies done to prove that men respond more favourably to a female voice! Maya thinks you need to have a playlist of voices both male and female which you can choose from. Go figure!

The GPS is built into the body of the car. There’s a radio CD player too. We are great FM fans.On Radio City we wait to catch the wit of Chamrajpet Charles, the absurd solutions Life in Bangalore with Rajini Saaru has for everyday problems and Sultan’s School of Speech.

Check out the decals on the car.There are a couple of the Cedia Sport on the roads in Bangalore, Lets see if we can spot them and show you pictures.

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