HTC Radar has been voted unequivocally as the best Smartphone the Taiwanese manufacturers have ever produced. According to a HTC Radar review, the phone is going to throw a major challenge to the other existing Smartphones and the newly launched Nokia Smartphone, Lumia 800.

It was revealed from a top HTC Radar review that the HTC Radar has got a super LCD screen and the bright colours are displayed extremely well on this screen. The 3.7inch screen has got enough space for the standard Windows buttons. You can view crisp and sharp pictures on this phone. The saturation level of the screen is perfect and it does not reflect a blue hue. On the other hand, the Nokia Lumia 800 has got an AMOLED screen with a ClearBlack feature, a Nokia exclusive. The screen is suitable for eBook reading. However, as far outer look is concerned, the HTC Radar stays far ahead of all its competitors.

The other striking features of the phone that have been mentioned in the phone reviews published in various magazines are like this. The HTC Radar’s unibody chassis has made it a class in itself. From the back, it feels and looks like a metallic one but the truth is, the flip-side is made of fine blended plastic only. The Radar is powered by 512 MB RAM, just alike its competitor, Nokia Lumia 800.

However, it has half the in-built storage space of the Lumia 800, a difference much highlighted in Nokia Lumia 800 review articles. The HTC Radar camera has options like Panorama and Burst, some of the camera features that are lacking in Nokia Lumia 800. The phone has numerous other incomparable features that have become enough reasons for its growing popularity. As stated in a Nokia Lumia review, the Nokia Smartphone is going to face a major challenge from its Smartphone competitor, HTC Radar.