Years ago, asbestos was used in construction as a cost effective and easy way of fireproofing homes and other buildings. Asbestos, also used in brake pads, is a very heat-resistant material that is easily taken from the earth and processed into useful materials. Years later, it became known that asbestos is associated with lung cancer and similar respiratory disease. Asbestos in the home and the workplace can be a major health concern if it is disturbed. If you have asbestos in your building, it is important to know it. Asbestos inspectors sydney can let you know if you have asbestos, and can make recommendations during the inspection. Commonly, asbestos is removed from buildings so as to reduce that chance of sickness later in life. Make sure to get your building inspected and take charge of this potential danger. This simple step could be the difference between living safely and healthily, or developing a preventable disease later in life.