I have always had dream of one day having a lush organic garden where I could harvest fresh fruit and vegetables every week. I studied organic gardening for about 6 months, and decided that the ongoing maintenance and upkeep was too much for me to handle. I still go to the market every week to get organic food, and besides the food being so expensive, the price of gas has been going through the roof too. I read about a lady with an aquaponics garden in Good Housekeeping magazine, and she kept of telling the reporter how easy it was to setup. I really got interested in trying this system when I learned that all you have to do is set up a fish holding tank and grow beds, and make sure the water is properly circulated from one area to the other. I have started my own conventional garden in the past, and it did pretty well for me. I was always worried about using Miracle Grow though, since it is made up of petrochemicals.