Diabetes Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus can be divided into several other subtypes, such as Diabetes Insipidus, Gestational Diabetes, and the most well known type, Diabetes 1 and 2. I suggest it would be much more interesting if we studied the major classifications of diabetes 1 and 2. To start off Diabetes 1 and 2 differ not only with regard to symptoms but also with the treatment regimen to reduce the signs and symptoms of Diabetes. First off let us discuss diabetes type 1. Diabetes Type 1 is known to be Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. In DM type 1 There is little or no insulin production at all. The signs and symptoms of Diabetes type 1 usually show up before the age of thirty and is treated via insulin administration. Diabetes type 2 is known as the Non Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus where in the cells in your body is no longer responding to the insulin being produced. The signs and symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 is usually managed through weight reduction and oral Hypoglycemic agents. The treatment of the Signs and Symptoms can differ according to what type of diabetes mellitus you have.