It can be overwhelming researching the right information if you want a career in physical therapy. However, what you accomplish when you finish the program will be well worth it. You can select from many numerous settings to work in like in a hospital or private doctors office. Eventually, a master’s degree is needed to become a physical therapist, but your major when you achieved a bachelor ‘s degree is not that significant. Whats important is that you finish the prerequisites needed for your master’s degrees, which consists of classes like anatomy and physiology, psychology, biology, chemistry, and statistics.After you have enrolled in an online master’s degree program, the coursework will more than likely focus on areas like physical therapy management, therapeutic technology, cardiac rehabilitation, pathokinesiology, and orthopedic management. Another essential skill that will be instructed is communication and critical thinking. Depending on your situation, you can complete the program in two or three years, after which you will have to complete the National Physical Therapist Examination. You may have to fulfill other physical therapy assistant requirements from your state licensing board if you want to practice.